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November 23, 2018 |







《自然资本议定书》框架流程(图0.1)包括四个阶段(stage):“为什么”(why)、“做什么”(what)、“怎样做”(how)和“下一步”(what next)。四个阶段进一步细分为九个步骤(step),每一步骤都包含自然资本评估需要解决的具体问题。





Download the Chinese Simplified Translation of the Natural Capital Protocol

The Natural Capital Protocol is a framework designed to help generate trusted, credible, and actionable information for business managers to inform decisions.

The Protocol aims to support better decisions by including how we interact with nature, or more specifically natural capital.

Why apply the Protocol

Every business wants to create greater value, be more efficient and make better decisions. The Natural Capital Protocol aims to help you to do this. In fact if you are not already incorporating natural capital into your decision making you are very likely to be missing significant risks and opportunities for your business.

Until now, natural capital has for the most part been excluded from decisions and, when included has been largely inconsistent, open to interpretation, or limited to moral arguments. The Protocol responds by offering a standardized framework to identify, measure, and value impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

The Protocol Framework (figure 0.1) covers four stages, “Why”, “What”, “How”, and “What Next”. Protocol Stages are further broken down into nine Steps, which contain specific questions to be answered when carrying out a natural capital assessment.

The Protocol is applicable to any business sector, operating in any geography, at any organizational level. It allows you to measure, value and integrate natural capital into your existing business processes. It does this through a standard framework that covers four stages; “Why”, “What”, “How” and “What Next”. These Stages are further broken down into nine Steps, which contain specific questions to be answered when integrating natural capital into your business processes. Although set out in a linear way, the Protocol is iterative and allows users to adjust and adapt their approach as they progress through the framework.

The Natural Capital Landscape

There are many existing approaches that businesses will be using to measure and value their impacts and dependencies, inform their decision making and strategy, and engage with stakeholders. The Natural Capital Protocol is complementary to all of these and provides a standardized framework to help include natural capital in decision-making.

While there are national level accounting initiatives such as the UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) implemented by governments, through for example, the World Bank led Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) global partnership, the Natural Capital Protocol is focused at a business decision-making level and can be implemented across boundaries.

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