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14 New “Aligned Areas” For Defra’s 25-Year Environment Plan

September 19, 2016 |


“The Environment Agency and Natural England, along with the Forestry Commission, are working with Defra on the approach to a 25 year plan for the environment. 

To help support the 25 year plan, strengthen relationships with local partners and enable integrated decisions that deliver the best environmental improvements, the Environment Agency and Natural England are producing joint plans for 14 new aligned areas. (See map).


“We are also working with the Forestry Commission’s Forest Services to integrate our collective work and priorities across the new 14 areas,” the Environment Agency wrote in a letter to stakeholder.

“We have updated the information available on GOV.UK and revisions to our operational arrangements will be complete by April 2017…”

Read on at: CIWM Journal

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