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50 For the Future – Scottish Wildlife Trust’s 50 Year Vision

February 23, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Scottish Wildlife Trust

50 for the Future, lists 50 things that the Scottish Wildlife Trust believes should happen in Scotland over the next 50 years to benefit both people and wildlife.

Forward by Jonathan Hughes, Chief Executive, Scottish Wildlife Trust:

Fifty years ago, otters were on the brink of extinction in Scotland, there were no protected areas for our marine wildlife and beavers had been absent from the landscape for almost 350 years. Fifty years on, this is not the case.

These examples are living proof of the progress that can be made when people work together for nature. Without the efforts of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, its members, friends and many partners, Scotland would be very different today. However, our wildlife and wild places still face many threats and, with a changing climate, the biggest challenges may yet be ahead of us.

Here, we outline 50 things that we believe should happen in the next 50 years if we are to protect and restore Scotland’s natural environment for future generations. As you read through the 50, I invite you to imagine what Scotland could look like in the months, years and decades to come…”

Read on & access the report at: Scottish Wildlife Trust.

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