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A New Set Of Countries Joins World Bank WAVES

March 06, 2019 |

The Steppe Eagle is the national animal of Egypt. Sumeet Moghe [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

This article was originally published on World Bank WAVES

Egypt and Morocco join as core implementing countries and WAVES is providing Targeted Technical Assistance to Nepal, Madagascar, and WACA countries. 

The work program for Egypt will focus on development of air emission accounts, waste accounts, and coastal ecosystems accounts. In Morocco, the priority will be on forests, coastal and marine ecosystem services, climate change, and cultural services/nature tourism.

Following a call for proposals within the World Bank, WAVES will give Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA) to Nepal, Madagascar, and the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA) countries. These will be in addition to the four countries in East Asia chosen in the previous round — Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam — focusing on ecosystem accounts.

In Nepal, the TTA will support the assessment of the monetary values of forest ecosystem services. These values will inform the development of a compensation scheme for forest land diversion for development projects. This will help the Government of Nepal set priorities for accelerating sustainable growth, with a focus on further developing the natural resource sectors and reducing the cost of environmental degradation.

The TTA in Madagascar will support modeling of selected ecosystems to value services like food provisioning, erosion control, carbon storage, and biodiversity.

In addition to the countries, WAVES is supporting WACA program, a major World Bank initiative to help West African countries save the social and economic assets of their coastal areas, addressing the risks and coastal erosion and flooding. A previous study funded by WAVES had focused on Togo, Mauritania, and Benin. This TTA will support Nigeria to value key ecosystem services in coastal areas using land-use/land cover accounts…”

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