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A Tale of Two Shrimpers: How will the Mekong Delta adapt to Climate Change?

August 01, 2016 |


A recent drought highlighted the vulnerability of the Mekong Delta to climate change. The World Bank and partners are helping Vietnam to increase the resilience of livelihoods, by developing innovative farming approaches and better flows of information which can help communities cope with extreme weather and to plan ahead in uncertain times.

“Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is famous for its rice fields, shrimp ponds, embankments and canals. This fertile patchwork sustains the livelihoods of more than 17 million people. But climate change, water scarcity and pollution are fraying the fabric of economic life in the delta. New approaches to managing land and water in uncertain times are needed.

The vulnerability of the Mekong Delta came into focus this year when the area was hit by a historic drought. The extreme weather was combined with low Mekong river flows, coupled with development in upstream countries. Many farmers were left short of freshwater and scrambling for ways to adapt…”

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