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Accounting for Ecosystem Services of Water Replenishment Interventions

July 09, 2016 |

Natural Capital Accounting. The Coca Cola Water Replenishment ProgramThe Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is working worldwide on water conservation projects with the objective to replenish all of its product water use by 2020. Last year, the Company announced that it was close to achieving this goal 5 years early, thus making it ‘water neutral’.

Based on its experience on water resource restoration projects (replenish projects), TCCC aims to integrate the methods of Natural Capital and Ecosystem services and to enable a high-level valuation of different restoration projects. The objective is to better understand the wider ecosystem benefits of different types of water resource interventions and to even better evaluate and target investment and engagement in the future.

TCCC has engaged Denkstatt to lead the ecosystem services project following the methodology of the Natural Capital Coalition, including collection of feedback from relevant stakeholders.

Key messages:

The application of ecosystems thinking to business is still relatively new, with a number of possible pathways still untested. Also, the combination of the ‘wide-narrow’ perspective between the two systems (ecosystems and business) can lead to surprising results and recommendations. However, the potential implication of this approach are potentially far-reaching, hence, it is important for TCCC understand the added value of water projects for ecosystem services and better evaluate and target investment decisions.

Supplied by: Denkstatt and Coca-Cola Company

Download the report (pdf): Natural Capital Accounting. The Coca Cola Water Replenishment Program

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