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Action On the Land: Reducing Emissions, Conserving Natural Capital & Improving Farm Profitability

March 20, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Australian Government Climate Change Authority.

The Australian Government Climate Change Authority has released an issues paper for consultation called Action on the land: reducing emissions, conserving natural capital and improving farm profitability.

In Report Three of the Special Review, the Authority recommended further work be done on how to better coordinate action to reduce emissions, improve environmental outcomes and benefit agricultural productivity.

In the first phase of the research, this issues paper seeks stakeholder views on barriers to, and solutions for, delivering ‘win-win’ outcomes on the land.

The issues paper considers the following areas:

  • the agriculture sector, its challenges and opportunities including improving productivity, climate change impacts and natural resource management (NRM)
  • existing agricultural-related policies and programs
  • measurement and reporting needed to design or evaluate programs aimed at coordinating NRM and emissions reduction initiatives
  • options to involve the private sector in creating new markets for NRM outcomes and environmental services
  • options for integrating emissions reductions, broader NRM outcomes and farm profitability through research and development.

The Authority will consult widely on this issues paper and encourages submissions from interested organisations and individuals. Submissions can be made to the Authority until 20 April 2017.

This is a paper for consultation and does not make recommendations to government. Following consultation, this work will result in a research report by the Authority, which is planned for release in mid-2017.

Issues paper – Action on the land: reducing emissions, conserving natural capital and improving farm profitability (PDF 939kB) | (DOCX 443kB)

Read on at: Australian Government Climate Change Authority.

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