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Aligning Profit with Planet – Interview with Gretchen Daily

September 07, 2017 |

This podcast was originally hosted on Climate One

“It is possible to protect profits and the planet. Despite claims that a win for the environment is a loss for the economy, corporations are finding innovative ways to have it both ways. These corporations are quickly realizing that protecting watersheds and ecosystems can also protect their business.

Companies in many sectors are realizing the changing climate means they need to pay closer attention to the relationship between natural and financial capital. Investors are making money by investing in habitat restoration; this is done to offset the environmental impacts of mining and other industrial activity.

Gretchen Daily argues that markets and nature can live in harmony if the incentives are aligned properly. For her work demonstrating we don’t have to trash the planet to live a better life, she recently won the $450,000 Blue Planet Prize, which is considered the Nobel Prize for environmental solutions…”

Listen to the full podcast at Climate One.

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