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Announcing Three New Capitals Hubs

February 20, 2022 |

The Capitals Coalition is pleased to announce that three new Capital Hubs based in Canada, Luxembourg and Madagascar have joined our global community.

The Capitals Hubs are formed by communities of practitioners that develop and scale the capitals approach within specific regional or national contexts or within industries or sectors. They connect leaders and leading initiatives to ensure that people are collaborating across the system and provide a space for geographic, sector or context-specific challenges, opportunities and solutions to be explored between stakeholders.

The work of the Hubs is fed back to the Capitals Coalition and informs our work areas, priorities and strategy. Capitals Hubs evolve organically, often by building on existing networks, and are supported remotely by the Coalition.

Canada Hub

Lead organization Capitals Hub Canada.

‘Our aim is to improve decision making by mainstreaming the inclusion of capitals thinking in Canada and the use of non-financial capital across sectors includind harmonizing the many different approaches to do this work and bringing them to scale quickly by facilitating collaboration that enables more informed decisions that conserve and enhance natural, social, and human capital.

Our ultimate objective is to have the Canadian economy become fully sustainable (as defined here) with all of its inhabitants enjoying economic security and well-being (as defined here).’

For more information contact David Steurman.

Luxembourg Hub

Lead organization: IMS Luxembourg.

‘Through the platform, we want to bring the topics of nature’s and people’s value under the spotlight through various projects and actions, mainly aimed at businesses in Luxembourg. This goal will be achieved through online training, working groups, conferences with experts, events, meetings with CEOs, publications and more. Our three watchwords are awareness-raising, commitment and action. The platform will play a key role in sharing experiences, resources and ideas as well as in connecting actors committed to the movement.’

For more information, please contact Laura Mullenders or Sophie Öberg.

Madagascar Hub

Lead organizations MESD & WWF.

‘The mission of the network is to promote the consideration and integration of natural capital in the decision-making processes and actions of all development actors in all sectors.

The network aims to facilitate meetings, exchanges and sharing of best practice and lessons learnt among stakeholders, and to support the identification of ways to improve decision-making in natural resource management, biodiversity/natural habitats and territory, as well as improving living conditions and poverty reduction through the accounting and valuation of the value of natural capital.’

For more information please contact Miora Andriamanohisoa or Tiana Ramahaleo.

Learn more about Capitals Hubs and how to develop one in your region or country here.

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