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APP participates in the largest event on Natural Capital in Spain

November 11, 2016 |


This article was originally published on APP

“For the first time, Asia Pulp&Paper has taken part in the Natural Capital Summit which took place in Madrid this month. The event which was organized by the Ecoacsa Biodiversity Reserve, the CONAMA foundation and the Global Nature Foundation, has highlighted an overview of Natural Capital sector, from its European framework and recent developments to its key tools and the opportunities for company innovation and new business models.

The Natural Capital Summit is one of the key events in this type, in which members from both private and public sector take part. It relies on support from the Natural Capital Coalition, the most important international mutistakeholder organization in the development of both these tools and the European Commission by means of the Business & Biodiversity initiative. The overall objective is to highlight the importance of Natural Capital for businesses and society, through various conferences, whilst also communicating to the companies that the impact their activity has on natural resources can be measured and valued. The event also showcased the direction that the companies and public institutions are following in terms of environmental innovation…”

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