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Arabic Natural Capital Protocol Business Primer Released by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

April 27, 2017 |

As part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2017, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability group produced a Arabic Natural Capital Protocol Primer for business.  This Primer is a key introduction to the Natural Capital Protocol. It expands upon why applying the Protocol and including natural capital in business considerations will enhance corporate decision making.

By following this globally standardized framework, businesses of all sizes, and from all sectors, can make better informed operational decisions with both the business impact and dependence upon natural capital at the core.
Speaking at the event, Mark Gough, Executive Director, Natural Capital Coalition, said: “2016 has seen thousands of business from around the world picking up the Natural Capital Protocol and exploring the ways in which it can benefit their businesses. We’re delighted to partner with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group to encourage adoption of the Protocol in the region.”
Welcoming the engagement and collaboration with the Natural Capital Coalition, Huda Al Houqani, Director, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, expressed: “Whether you’re an 2 expert in sustainability or on the path to learning more, what we all understand is that sustainable practices are essential. This is not just about the environment and communities; it also makes enormous business sense. It can be cost effective, improve an organisation’s reputation and employee retention, provide risk mitigation, because of rising costs and uncertainty of supply, as well as generating fresh revenue opportunities by inspiring new business models, products and services. Therefore, there is no need for reluctance, just enthusiasm and determination to drive these changes forward. “.

The Primer:

NCC Protocol_Arabic_final

Source: Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

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