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Are You the Last to Know About the Benefit Multiplier of Investing in Nature?

May 04, 2016 |


Sissel Waage wonders how many organizations have woken up to the value in investing in nature.

“Do you ever feel that you are the last one to know something important? Or, have you ever had a sense that others around you—in competitor companies – are putting together fragmented, hard-to-read market signals like puzzle pieces, and discerning a picture in which they see business implications that you may be missing?

For those who have been watching the corporate leader awakening to a new body of work on investing in nature for business problem-solving and systems optimization, it definitely feels as if a vast group of business professionals are missing an increasingly well-documented trend.

The eagle-eyed corporate leaders—who have been scanning the horizon for trends and key new insights—are increasingly investing in nature-inspired solutions to business challenges, as well as financing the opportunities in restoring and maintaining natural systems. Some companies have been doing so for more than twenty years…”

Read on at: Huffington Post

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