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Attracting ‘Predator Insects’ Reduced Pesticide Use By 80% at Australian Vineyard

December 06, 2016 |


This article was originally published on the Guardian

As one of Australia’s premier wine producers, Adam Torpy knows the importance of preserving the natural value of the land. And he’s enlisted an unlikely insect army to help.

“…Wanting to reduce the use of pesticides, Torpy and his colleagues started trialling an innovative idea that has since become the central pillar of their vineyard’s environmental strategy.

Instead of using chemicals, the team planted a vegetation corridor full of native plants designed to attract predator insects that would do the job for them naturally.

…“It results in a reduction of about 80 per cent of sprays (in the area covered) which is quite incredible,” Torpy says. “From a simple thought through to the impact we have today I couldn’t be happier.

“Putting value on the land, the soil and conservation is a really good thing. We can help create awareness for other people with where we are today.”…”

Read on at: the Guardian.

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