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Balancing Conservation & Production With Forest-Smart Solutions

February 20, 2018 |

This article was originally published on The Global Landscapes Forum.

“BONN, Germany (Landscape News) — Forest-smart solutions permit a strategic response to the challenge of balancing production and conservation goals.

About 13 million hectares of natural forests are destroyed each year, and many habitats are reaching the tipping point beyond which biodiversity and ecosystem services will be unable to recover, said delegates from the World BankFlora and Fauna International, and the governments of Madagascar, Jamaica and Colombia speaking at a session at the Global Landscapes Forum  (GLF) in Bonn, Germany in December.

Forest smart solutions should engage sectors that have historically had adverse impacts on forests such as mining, said Karin Kemper, senior director for Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice at the World Bank.

Strategic implementation of forest-smart solutions should expand into sectors beyond environmental to incorporate diversity into forest-smart solutions, said Werner Kornexl, manager of the World Bank’s Program on Forests (PROFOR). Additionally, solutions should be forged by embracing a broad spectrum of ideas, including policy and economics, he said…”

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