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Biodiversity at Risk : Preserving the Natural World for our Future

February 04, 2020 |

This report was originally published on AXA.

“The AXA Research Fund has just launched its latest publication “Biodiversity at Risk: Preserving the natural world for our future”This is a collection of interviews, articles and desk research that discuss the critical nature of biodiversity, the interdependencies between nature, climate change, the economy and security, based on insights from AXA Research Fund supported scientists and biodiversity and climate change experts. The report also provides an overview of AXA’s commitments in the area of biodiversity loss mitigation and resilience strategies.

Biodiversity is the network of animals and plants that produces oxygen, regulates water, retains soil and provides flood protection – amongst other vital services of considerable value and on which life depends. Research has recently shed light on the severity of biodiversity loss, with one million of animal, plant and insect species at risk of extinction (IPBES, 2019). It has also stressed its relationship with climate change and the urgency to address this global issue of far-reaching socio-economic and geopolitical consequences…”

Read on and access the full report at: AXA.

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