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Building a Greener Future

October 20, 2016 |


This article was originally published on Gov.UK

“…But green growth is achievable. And with the right long term framework – the 25 year Environment Plan – I think we’ll find that nature is one of the smartest infrastructure investments we can make; underpinning core economic activity and providing the foundations for sustainable growth.

Natural solutions also provide the potential to innovate and create new financial models. But to do this, and to unlock additional sources of private investment, we need a different narrative. A good example is at Medmerry on the Sussex coast, where a 400 hectare saltwater habitat has been created. It works as a natural flood defence – protecting homes and enhancing the environment – but crucially, it has created an estimated £90 million of direct economic benefit. Stories like Medmerry need to be promoted more, helping to embed natural capital into public and private sector thinking…”

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