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Business for Nature Business Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity

November 02, 2020 |

Through Business for Nature, we have been supporting the development of a Business Guide to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

This text is taken from Business for Nature

“The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) will take place in Kunming, China next year.  At this event, nations are expected to adopt a new Post-2020 Global Framework for Biodiversity (Post-2020 Framework).

To help businesses understand a bit more about the UN CBD process, we’ve created A Business Guide on why this particular meeting (COP15)  is so important, why it’s relevant for business and how businesses can engage. For example by:

  1. Raising their voice calling for an ambitious Post-2020 Framework

  2. Signing up to Business for Nature’s Call to Action  

  3. Attending events and meetings to demonstrate that nature is a priority.

As was the case for the Paris Agreement on climate change, an ambitious, clear and implementable international agreement at COP15 will ensure that the nature agenda is raised to the highest political level. This will help set the direction for business action, and guide governments in adopting policies that unlock new business opportunities and create a level playing field and stable operating environment for businesses around the world. COP15, and the other key biodiversity events on the road to COP15, are opportunities for businesses to contribute to and shape the nature agenda for a resilient and sustainable future.”

Read the Business Guide here.

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