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Business Insights: Pilot testing the Natural Capital Protocol

July 26, 2016 |


This report was developed and authored by Dr Gemma Cranston (Senior Programme Manager at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership ).  It analyses the business aspects that pilot testing companies focused on, explores the learnings from businesses applying the Protocol, and identifies where natural capital assessments have an impact on the pilot tester companies. It shares findings from some of the 50+ companies from 20 sectors over 5 continents who tested the Protocol.  The report reflects Dr Cranston’s engagement with these business and includes many direct quotes from the businesses themselves.

As a result of pilot testing the Natural Capital Protocol, sixty per cent of the respondents said that they have become more confident and comfortable talking and engaging on the topic of natural capital with industry stakeholders. In addition, some companies have used the results of their pilot to make the internal supply chain and procurement functions more aware of the importance of their decisions on the environmental impacts of the company. As well as opening discussions with value chain actors, some businesses were able to use their pilot tests to engage their colleagues at a more strategic level.

The report also shares recommendations for business from the pilot testers and concludes on the need for companies to simply get started on natural capital assessments. Dr Cranston identifies an opportunity for businesses to come together to showcase the positive business impacts that have been driven by natural capital.

Supplied by: Natural Capital Coalition, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Download the report (pdf): Business Insights: Pilot Testing The Natural Capital Protocol

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