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Businesses Remain Unaware of Natural Capital Impact, Warns WWF – Recommends Adoption of the Natural Capital Protocol in Business

September 20, 2016 |


“The majority of businesses are critically failing to address the impact of their operations on the world’s depleting stock of natural resources, according to WWF-UK’s director of advocacy.

Trevor Hutchings is therefore urging the private sector to sign up to the newly-formed Natural Capital Protocol, which allows businesses to value and account for natural capital as systematically as they do for financial capital.

“There are some very progressive businesses out there who are taking account of natural capital and ensuring that they’re business operations have less impact on natural capital both here and abroad,” Hutchings told edie. “However, the majority of businesses still don’t fully understand the impact of their business on natural capital, or indeed they’re dependency on natural capital.

“Where they are dependent on land, water or materials, they generally don’t understand that. What we would encourage businesses to do is sign up to the Protocol to make it easier to track their environmental impact.”…”

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