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Can Insurance Initiatives Help the Environment?

December 07, 2016 |


This article was originally published on The Nature Conservancy – Global Solutions

“…Today, one of the most significant challenges testing society is climate change. Climate impacts are posing new and unprecedented risks on a global scale. Much like the urban fires of the 19th and 20th century, devastating storms, floods, droughts and rising seas are impacting communities that have never seen this kind of weather intensity and destruction before—and many are not prepared.

The insurance industry can play a key role today in helping to minimize this devastation and help society innovate new solutions to reduce climate risks and make people safer.

The positive impacts could be enormous.

And one powerful part of the solution now gaining increasing attention is the role healthy natural systems play in reducing our climate and disaster risks.

This area presents a huge opportunity to not only protect people and reduce costs, but also save and restore nature…”

Read on at: The Nature Conservancy – Global Solutions.

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