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Communicating your business’ relationship with nature to investors

July 09, 2016 |

Communicating your business’ relationship with nature to investorsThe success of business will increasingly depend on how well they understand and manage their natural capital impacts and dependencies. In turn, how a business manages natural capital is becoming more material to investor decision-making.

The Natural Capital Protocol enables companies to integrate their relationship with nature into strategic and operational decision-making, developing internal processes and management actions. The Protocol is an internally focused tool helping business prepare for future reporting and disclosure. It does not provide guidance on external reporting or disclosure.

There is an increasing demand from the investment community for information related to a company’s natural capital dependencies and impacts. In order for investors to fully integrate natural capital into their investment decisions, natural capital needs to be factored into the assessment models of mainstream asset managers. The CDSB Framework for reporting environmental information & natural capital is an externally focussed tool to help companies provide clear, concise and consistent information to investors, by considering the characteristics and requirements of the information they present, and connecting an organisation’s environmental performance to its overall strategy, performance and prospects.

By helping business measure and value their impacts and dependencies, providing rigorous, reliable, context specific information, the Natural Capital Protocol and the CDSB Framework enhance opportunities for business to report decision-useful, actionable information to capital markets. These actions can revolutionise decision making to foster more resilient capital markets, realise sustainable development goals and promote the sustainable use of natural capital.

Contributor: CDSB

Download the framework (pdf): Communicating your business’ relationship with nature to investors

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