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Conference Summary – Net Impact Approaches: Bringing the Strands Together

July 21, 2017 |

This summary was originally published on LinkedIn

“On 24th May 2017, Sustain Value and Consciam held the first Net Impact Approaches’ conference in London (with the support of Conference Affiliates: Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme – BBOPForum for the FutureNatural Capital Coalition and Social Value International). It was organised because of the increasing uptake and development of net impact approaches by a diverse range of sustainability related communities and businesses. The aim was to bring these communities together to begin to set a vision, share best practice, investigate synergies and differences, and explore what’s needed to overcome key challenges and scale up efforts.

100 delegates attended with over 20 leading sustainability practitioners contributing through presentations, panel discussions and break-out groups; representing businesses, finance, NGOs and academia.

Overall takeaways were the importance of: i) greater engagement between the different communities, ii) building upon the great work already done, iii) supporting improved incentivisation and requirements, iv) harmonising approaches whilst retaining flexibility and v) attaining a balance between spending time measuring and just getting on with it…”

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