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Conservation International Deliver Water World Training to Guide Decision Making for Mapping Natural Capital in Amazonia

September 09, 2016 |

Figure 1. Important areas for potential freshwater services in the Amazon Region

“Maps of natural capital – the species and ecosystems that support economic activity and human well-being – are needed by governments to support sustainable development planning, by development banks seeking to make decisions about project investments, by companies seeking to meet sustainability targets, and by civil society organizations seeking to conserve biodiversity and improve human well-being.
During 2015, Conservation International led a project to map essential natural capital, the most important areas for biodiversity and ecosystem services, to support multiple partners and goals across Amazonia. Analyses to identify places important for biodiversity, fresh water, climate mitigation and adaptation, and non-timber forest products were conducted (Story Map) . For the carbon mitigation and freshwater analyses, among others, the data used in the referred study came from global tools such as WaterWorld and Co$tingNature. Products from these analyses include maps and spatial datasets that can be used by decision makers to identify the most important places to conserve and sustainably manage, to ultimately support biodiversity and human well-being. The approach and the resulting maps and information will help to build a regionally integrated vision for Amazonia’s sustainable development…”

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