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Context and Capitals – The Next Big Things in Corporate Sustainability

February 08, 2017 |

Source: Stockholm Resilience Centre

This is an extract from an article originally published on Sustainable Brands, written by by Joss Tantram who leads Terrafiniti‘s strategic services and their R&D and innovation initiative. 

“…A number of approaches have developed to assist with translating the idea of limits into practical action.

Context-based sustainability is one, as is the Science-Based Targets Initiative, which focuses on inspiring businesses to set greenhouse gas emission-reduction targets in line with climate science. In addition, in 2015 The Stockholm Resilience Centre provided this briefing on how the Planetary Boundaries relate to business.

Multiple capitals concepts seek to identify and prioritise sources of value other than financial. They are at the heart of developing approaches to reporting sustainability, such as the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) Capitals Framework. and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Conceptual Framework. Another recent example is the release on July 13th2016 of the Natural Capital Protocol. Developed by the Natural Capital Coalition, this provides guidelines to support better decision making by considering how we interact with nature and specifically natural capital.

These concepts and initiatives bring rigour and wider perspectives, but why are they game-changing? The answer lies in a fundamental shift in risk management…”

Read on at: Sustainable Brands.

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