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Cornwall’s Environmental Growth Strategy 2015-2065

March 23, 2017 |

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Forward: This is the first time that Cornwall has had an overarching strategy for the environment. We continue to witness the decline of nature in Cornwall as climate change, population pressure and modern day life impact on our surroundings that have provided us with vital natural resources through history. Once common species have become rare, and treasured landscapes are changing. We are a part of Cornwall’s environment and need our natural systems to provide for us. We rely on it to supply essentials such as food, clean air and water and to underpin the quality of our lives by supporting health, recreation and fulfilment. It also provides our economic base, Cornwall’s brand is defined by our location and unique environment; it has provided the resources and provocation for innovation that made Cornwall globally renowned. Our environment can still provide distinct economic opportunities; therefore, we cannot afford to preside over its continuing demise. We need environmental growth because protection has not proved to be enough and we are committed to leaving Cornwall in a better state than we inherited it in.

Environmental growth will change our thinking and practice; it will ensure that nature can sustain and support our communities and businesses in the future. This Strategy has been developed to inform and improve strategic investment and decision making in Cornwall and offers a framework for stakeholders and partners to work more effectively together. It also provides long term structure to focus the ways in which we can all act to increase environmental, social and economic prosperity in Cornwall.

This document has been developed through collaboration between Cornwall Council, the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership (CIoSLNP) and Cornwall’s environmental stakeholders. The LNP has had an important role to create the strategic space for this Strategy, helping to generate collaboration during its creation through advocacy and a partnership approach. In producing this Strategy, we have undertaken a process of informal engagement activities and formal consultation with a range of stakeholders and businesses; what is presented here is a synthesis of the conversations and comments received…”

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