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COVID-19 Stimulus Should Address Health, the Economy & Climate Together

March 23, 2020 |

This article was originally published on We Mean Business.

“COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways that we never imagined. In just a few short months, the impact of this devastating virus has shut schools, offices, stores and factories. Airlines are grounded. Borders are closed. Many of us are quarantined at home.

Around the world, we are grappling with a radical change to the way we live our lives. It’s a challenge that people and families are coming to grips with, as are businesses both big and small, health systems and governments.

…As the immediate crisis response transitions to longer-term economic stimulus in the coming months, the focus will be on rebuilding the economy and setting a new course. It is our responsibility to use this moment of crisis and renewal to build greater resilience, and to finally tackle the biggest threat to our existence.

Governments must put climate action and resilience at the core of these longer-term economic stimulus packages. This will ensure that public spending helps address both the current economic crisis and the ongoing climate crisis. It will help to avoid the economic earthquakes that – in the face of overwhelming evidence – we already know are coming.

This is a moment where we can take a decisive turn on the road to a resilient, zero-carbon future. We must include everyone, and we must avoid automatically recommencing a way of life that threatens our planet, the health of our communities and our people.”

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