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Creating Value: The Cyclical Power of Integrated Thinking & Reporting

October 12, 2017 |

This report is a product of the International Integrated Reporting Council

“Introduction: This issue of Creating Value looks at the central relationship between Integrated Reporting and its cyclical power and relationship with integrated thinking. We see reporting and thinking as two sides of the same coin – both necessary to enhance connectivity in the organization and enhanced communication on value creation. In combination, the benefits are rich and compelling:

  • A shared understanding of strategy and how value is created throughout the organization with fewer silos.
  •  More cohesive management information and informed decisionmaking, enhancing accountability and performance.
  • Boards can actively use a multiple capitals approach to make strategic decisions about resource allocation and value creation over time, communicating the trade-offs between the capitals and the outcomes for business and society. This approach gives greater meaning to decisions, building trust inside the business and with stakeholders.
  • A greatly enhanced quality of dialogue between organizations and their providers of financial capital, helping to achieve greater accountability, a longer-term focus and more efficient capital flows to drive investment and productivity.
  • World-class corporate reporting focused on material disclosures that assist decision-making, applying the principles of the International Framework…”

Read on and access the full report at: International Integrated Reporting Council.

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