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Den Haag Business Accord on Natural Capital

December 05, 2016 |


This Accord was developed by Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy).

“We, Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy), companies, agencies and other organizations that endorse this statement, understand Natural Capital as the stock of renewable and non-renewable resources (such as plants, animals, air, water, soil, minerals) which together produce multiple essential benefits for humankind, in addition to the intrinsic value they represent. As major users of natural resources, companies depend on and influence Natural Capital and its biodiversity and therefore have a key role to play in helping to bring its utilization within the planetary boundaries. This necessary shift in behaviour, however, requires a joint and as far as possible standardized approach, both at national and international levels, where everyone takes their own responsibility: corporations, financial institutions, green organizations, knowledge institutes and governments. We see the emergence of the ‘Natural Capital Coalition’ and its ‘Natural Capital Protocol’, which we endorse and support, as major steps forward in this respect.

By endorsing this Accord, we declare our support for the following considerations, ambitions and agenda for such a joint approach. In doing so, we recognize and wish to build on the important pioneering work already done in this area by the Dutch business community. IUCN NL and VNO-NCW, and all businesses that have been involved in Platform BEE over the last 5 years also recognize the generous support given by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and call on the Dutch authorities to continue – and if possible scale up – the necessary policy, financial and other support needed to help us realize the engagements listed hereunder in this next vital phase of our important collective mission…”

Access the Accord here.

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