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Designing for Natural Capital: Understanding and Communicating the Natural Capital Benefits of Built Asset Design Improvements

October 03, 2016 |


Sir Robert McAlpine, a British construction company, and Hammerson plc, a major owner, manager and developer of retail property, jointly commissioned Trucost to undertake a net impact assessment of two development project sites.

Both companies strive to minimise impacts on the environment through collaborative approaches to design new assets using green technologies, resource efficiency, and where possible, renewable or efficient energy – either onsite or through responsible procurement.

This assessment quantifies the environmental impacts associated with the activities of the two sites, including supply chain, use and disposal, compared to a business-as-usual baseline over a 15 and 10-year lifetime. For each activity, Trucost considers the most important environmental key performance indicators (eKPIs) including greenhouse gases (GHGs), air pollution, human and eco-toxicity and water consumption. It uses a combination of primary and secondary data sources to quantify each impact.

Click here to download the summary report.

Download the full report here.

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