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Driving Sustainable Water Management with Market-based Solutions

September 08, 2016 |


“The 21st century may turn out to be the time in history when we hit the natural resource limits of the planet. Despite the technological innovations of the last century, natural resources—from fresh water and forests, to healthy soils and fisheries—are becoming exhausted as we rely on them to meet the food, water and energy needs of a global population that is expected to exceed 10 billion by 2050. We need to manage differently now what little we have for today’s use and tomorrow’s needs.

But there is good news. Provided we are willing to change, it is possible to protect the natural capital of the planet for future generations while meeting human needs today. There is no better example of this than the challenge of managing our limited water resources. Water touches every part of our global economy. Without available, accessible water and its sustainable management, we could not produce food, clothe or shelter the world’s growing populations, nor power our cities and communities. It is essential to our daily life, more so than any other natural resource…”

Read on at: The Nature Conservancy.

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