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Earth Security Index 2016: Transforming Business Affairs for Sustainable Development

July 07, 2016 |

The Earth Security Index 2016

The 2016 Earth Security Index Report engages 75 largest multinationals in industries exposed to social, environmental and governance risks with a novel analysis and practical proposals to anticipate risks and advance sustainability.

Report Highlights:

  • Covers 3 global industry sectors, to increase their knowledge to anticipate and manage ESG context risks in extractives, food & agriculture, and energy sectors.
  • Engages 75 largest global companies, (25 per sector) with recommendations to manage ESG risk factors in their external environment and internalise priorities.
  • Analyses 55+ country risk visuals, with our Earth Security Index  holistic approach, covering the top developing countries for the 4 sectors’ present and future capital investments.
  • Provides 9 aggregate sector visuals, that summarize the pressures of the top developing countries in the balance sheet of the largest companies.
  • Delivers 7 practical cases studies, for C-level leaders to identify the business innovations and partnerships to mitigate risks and deliver business value

Supplied by: Earth Security Group

Download the report:  The-Earth-Security-Index-2016

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