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Empower With Knowledge – Earth Day & National Capital Accounts

April 21, 2017 |

This article was originally published on ONS

“The 47th Earth Day takes place on Saturday and this year the Earth Day Network launched a goal to achieve global environmental literacy by 2020. Part of this goal is to empower the public with knowledge to act in defence of environmental protection.

The concept of natural capital and the need to keep track of it through natural capital accounts, are building momentum in the UK and these accounts could provide useful support to the Earth Day Network’s goal to empower with knowledge.

Natural capital is simply the natural wealth of the UK, for example woodland, mountains or natural coastal areas. Natural capital accounts aim to monitor the  changes to these natural assets and the benefits we get from them overtime and to record their value. This blog explains a bit more about nature capital and why ONS and Defra are together developing natural capital accounts…”

Read on at: ONS.

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