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3rd WICI Europe International Policy Conference

  • Calendar November 7th, 2019
  • Time 09:00

This text is taken directly from the World’s Business Reporting Network.

“This International biennial Conference series aims to investigate the central importance of intangibles, and the information thereon, for the long-term and balanced growth of European companies, markets and regions; in so doing, it aims to relaunch at policy level the crucial issues, dynamics and considerations linked to these “special” resources for the management, development and growth of a knowledge-based, digital, sustainable and inclusive global economy.

Academics and other commentators have expressed the concern that the current financial reporting model largely ignores the contribution that intangibles make both to business performance and value creation. In this vein, several commentators believe that financial reporting today does not reflect fully the real strength of a company, its source of competitiveness, its capacity to create long-term value and its sustainability. After the successful events held in Paris (2015) and Frankfurt (2017), the objective of the Brussels Conference is to engage with European Institutions and a diversity of stakeholders interested in contributing towards a European policy perspective for improving the understanding, measurement, reporting and management of intangibles.

The objective is to put in place a system that enables the understanding and evaluation of the value creation processes and the risk profiles of companies and other organizations. Indeed, while we are moving quickly towards a knowledge-based economy and “Industry 4.0”, the central importance of intangible resources for European growth is mounting. And yet the pervasiveness and transversal nature as well as the elusiveness of these resources make it difficult to manage and measure them in a coherent and holistic way at organizational, industry and macro levels. Furthermore, the level of institutional and political attention to these resources seems to have declined over the last few years, possibly due to the rise of climate-related and sustainability concerns.

Now, the challenge appears to be how to develop an effective response to these concerns with the business and societal growth that is sustained and fostered over the medium to long term by the availability of, and access to, human, organizational and relational intangible capitals.

The Conference will aim to provide inputs and ideas towards this crucial intertwining.”

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