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A Deep Dive into Natural Capital Assessments in Business

  • Calendar October 3rd, 2019
  • Time 00:00

This text was taken from FIBS.

This FIBS Practice training will

  • Go into greater depth in key areas of a natural capital assessment
  • Provide insight on your company’s relation to nature and aid decision-making
  • Show practical examples on how different sectors approach their assessment to inform business decisions
  • Go through application of the Natural Capital Protocol and accompanying sector guides and supplements

Businesses have engaged with sustainability for many years now, tackling topics such as climate change, water issues, land use etc. The recent IPBES report highlighted the importance of including natural capital and biodiversity into the sustainability discussion. Tackling a single sustainability issue does not give a robust approach to managing broader business risks and opportunities – and thus corporate community has started to recognize the benefits of taking a ‘systems based’ approach to their relationship with nature.

Natural capital assessments help companies to better assess their impacts and dependencies on nature, across a range of sustainability issues, providing trusted, credible information to better manage business risks and opportunities.

The Natural Capital Assessments in Business session in 2019 showed how the Natural Capital Protocol can help businesses make better decisions by improving their understanding of the interdependencies between business and nature. This year’s session will build on the last year’s session and dive deeper into the practical applications of natural capital assessment in businesses focusing on different sectors. Content and examples will be relevant for any kind of sector, with emphasis on Food and Beverage, Apparel, Forest and Finance sector.

The training is organized in cooperation with experts from Natural Capital Coalition who provide insight on the application of the Natural Capital Protocol and accompanying sector guides and supplements. The Protocol is an internationally recognized framework for business to identify, measure and value its direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

For whom

  • Companies who already have knowledge on environmental sustainability
  • Leaders, managers and environmental and CSR experts as well as other decision makers in your company
  • The training has a limited number of seats, maximum of 2 persons per company

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