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Accounting for Canada’s Natural Capital: Introducing the Natural Capital Protocol (Webinar)

  • Calendar September 21st, 2016
  • Time 17:00

The Natural Capital Coalition spent the last two years involving over 200 organizations spanning business, conservation, research, membership, standard setting, finance and policy to develop the Natural Capital Protocol, launched July 2016. The Protocol helps businesses to understand the relationships and interactions between their operations, strategy, and supply chains and ecosystems and the goods and services they provide such as fresh water and soil health. This understanding will provide businesses with the information they need to save money, respond to emerging risks, and identify new market opportunities in a resource constrained world.

Join us for an engaging webinar to learn about the Protocol from the Natural Capital Coalition’s Executive Director, Mark Gough. Participants will receive an introduction to the Protocol, learn about innovative pilot projects currently testing the Protocol, and how applying the Protocol in your organization can drive improved performance.

This webinar is co-convened by the Natural Capital Lab, Deloitte, and the Natural Capital Coalition.

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