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African Forum on Green Economy – Diving Into Water

  • Calendar April 22nd, 2020
  • Time 10:00

African Forum on Green Economy: Investing in Natural Capital for a Resilient Africa

This event will now be hosted online.

Of all regions on the planet, Africa faces some of the most material natural capital risks, and yet, some of the most clear and compelling opportunities for green, sustainable growth. Fast growing sectors such as agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and others face significant risks from climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. Businesses across the continent will need better information to understand these risks, and to respond in a sustainable way. Investors also need to better understand their opportunities and risk profiles in emerging African markets, and policymakers need to identify and enact smart legislation that provides natural, social and economic benefits for maximum sustainable growth.

The African Forum on Natural Capital: Investing Green Economies will help all stakeholders anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and risks, and propose collaborative ways forward.

The first of six webinars will be held on the 22nd April at 10 am BST on the topic:

Diving into Water

Between the 14th-24th April, businesses and institutions across Africa will share their innovative approaches to integrating the value of water into their operations and decisions. Over these two weeks, we’ll share presentations of leading case studies, followed by opportunities to engage by webinar (on the 22nd) and webchat.

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