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B4SI: Creating an environment for Social Impact (Day 2)

  • Calendar November 24th, 2021
  • Time 14:00
  • Location Online

We’re thrilled to welcome you to this year’s B4SI Annual Conference: Creating an Environment for Social Impact.

As the climate crisis sparks demands for radical action, we stop to think, what are the implications of this movement for our B4SI practitioners, and who are at risk of losing the most in the transition to a more sustainable economy? What opportunities emerge that may allow practitioners in the S space build the new economy?

Day 2 will focus on the trends in the B4SI benchmark data and will provide a first look at our new tool and it’s development process. To conclude the event, participants will be able to choose to attend one of 3 workshops;
– Double & Dynamic Materiality
– Impact Measurement for Corporate Foundation
– Socio Economic Impact

Day 2 – Wednesday, 24 November: 2pm to 4pm GMT (see below)
Each session is different so please register for both here.

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