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Biodiversity Metrics for Business and Finance

  • Calendar September 18th, 2018
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken directly from the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform

Workshop on Biodiversity Metrics for Business and Finance

The NCA workstream, in cooperation with the Finance workstream, is organising a workshop on biodiversity metrics for business. The workshop, taking place in EIB’s premises in Brussels, aims to discuss a range of selected initiatives on the development and application of biodiversity metrics for business.

Natural capital accounting is rapidly gaining interest, not only at the level of countries or regions, but also at the level of businesses. The consequence of this tendency is the need to set up generally accepted approaches to measure and value biodiversity performance of a company. While methods to calculate GHG emissions or water consumption are becoming widespread, metrics to calculate a company’s impact and dependency on biodiversity are still lacking due to the inherent complexity of biodiversity (e.g. the multitude of species and habitats, each with their specific sensitivity to different pressure categories) and other complicating factors – impact relationships between company activities and biodiversity receptors, to only name a few.

While attempts to develop biodiversity metrics for business are flourishing, the B@B Platform has taken the initiative to conduct a critical assessment of these (ongoing) efforts, shedding light on the obstacles faced and on remaining gaps. This workshop will be the opportunity to share the outcomes of this assessment work with you, discuss and receive your feedback.

This meeting is organised by the CoP F@B and the NCA workstream, and is open to developers and practitioners in the emerging area of biodiversity accounting (subject to availability of seats).”

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