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Creating Value, Mitigating Risk & Tackling Food System Externalities

  • Calendar May 27th, 2020
  • Time 10:00

This text is taken from WBCSD.

“The food system generates tremendous value for society. It also exacerbates problems for people and the planet – climate change, biodiversity loss, obesity and hunger are negative externalities related how we produce and consume food. They present risk to people, communities, business, governments and future generations, and we can do better. During this session we will dig into the magnitude of externalities – both positive and negative – generated by the food system. We will learn how companies are working to measure and value their externalities, shifting business models to address them, and how these examples may serve as important proof points to policymakers seeking to incentivize change. Finally, we will hear from the Food Systems Summit secretariat about how the Summit will bring business leaders and policymakers together to internalize negative externalities, shoring up our food systems for the future.”

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