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European Business and Nature Summit

  • Calendar November 7th, 2019
  • Time 00:00

This text was taken from the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform

“The European Business and Biodiversity Platform, Ecoacsa, Fundación Empresa y Clima and Fundación Biodiversidad from Ministry for Ecological Transition – through the Spanish Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IEEB) – are joining forces to organise the European Business and Nature Summit on 7-8 November 2019. This two-days conference on business, biodiversity and natural capital will be hosted by CaixaForum in the very centre of Madrid, Spain.

At the United Nations (UN) Biodiversity Conference in 2018 an Action Agenda for Nature and People was launched. This agenda aims to catalyse a groundswell of (voluntary) action from all sectors and stakeholders in support of biodiversity and support the adoption of an ambitious post-2020 global biodiversity framework at the UN Biodiversity Conference in China in 2020. This new global framework will, in its turn, be a basis for the post-2020 EU biodiversity strategy.

The European Business and Nature Summit will contribute to all this and highlight examples of best practice, tools and metrics to deliver positive business impact on biodiversity. The summit will thereby contribute to enhance the engagement of governments and businesses in the EU on biodiversity and natural capital.

Seizing the global momentum created in the run-up to the next UN Biodiversity Conference it will contribute to shaping the New Deal for Nature and People and strengthen the call for voluntary actions in favour of biodiversity from the business sector.

The two-day Summit will bring together key representatives from businesses, governments and civil society in the EU together to facilitate more decisive global action to halt the loss of biodiversity and restore healthy ecosystems.

The European Business and Nature Summit will provide:

  • A forum to discuss the most recent progresses made by businesses to better account for their impacts and dependencies on nature;
  • An opportunity to strengthen political ambitions to protect biodiversity and shape the New Deal for Nature and People;
  • A regional stepping stone in the global run to the post-2020 biodiversity framework as regards business for nature and corporates contributing to protecting biodiversity and natural capital;
  • An opportunity to engage a wide European audience in addressing biodiversity loss;

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