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Food on the Move Conference

  • Calendar March 27th, 2019
  • Time 00:00

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Why Attend

The age of food delivery has arrived and it is changing the food service sector as never before. While providing great commercial opportunity, it has also introduced challenges to the way food is produced, packaged and delivered. Join a group of leading innovators, food experts, sustainability practitioners and food safety specialists to better understand the issues and get insight into how food service delivery platforms, set to transform the food industry, can better serve the public health and the public good.


Gain knowledge, share best practice, network and learn form Industry Experts, Sustainability Practitioners, Innovators and Specialists in Meal Delivery, Packaging, Logistics and Health and Safety. Learn about the latest successes from the collaborative tools being leveraged to improve food delivery operations. Hear the latest on Standards and Regulation to meet the challenges ahead and discuss the technologies and services set to improve the sustainability and safety of food delivery, disrupting the Disruptors.”

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