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From purpose to action: integrating sustainability into strategic outcomes

  • Calendar July 8th, 2020
  • Time 10:00

This text is taken from WBCSD.

“For businesses to reach the scale at the pace needed for “deep transformative change” by 2030, they will need to start “sprinting” in 2020. For a company, this likely means revisiting historical sustainability objectives, refining their strategies, and to signal a demonstrated commitment through an aggressive set of proposed actions across their business functions. To raise their ambitions, businesses need to carefully define and deliver solutions that can effectively catalyse into business opportunities and concrete outcomes aligned across multiple ESG factors and SDGs.

…In alignment with the 2020 HLPF theme “Accelerated action and transformative pathways: realizing the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development, this interactive session will share insights from companies that have embarked in the journey of redefining their purpose and strategy. This will be an opportunity to learn from their experience and best practices, and discover how they are translating purpose into action and strategy into outcomes.

As we engage in this interactive discussion, we’ll prompt a conversation around:

  • Current disruptions, challenges, and business strategy reviews, acknowledging the spectrum of challenges facing businesses; from those who are only now grasping the magnitude of the challenge, to those who are facing a complete re-framing of their sustainability strategies,
  • How companies are navigating/leveraging this fluctuating environment to redefine their purpose and embrace sustainability in their business strategies,
  • The link between purpose – innovation – creativity and how it is driving value and gives companies a competitive edge.”

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