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Global Landscapes Forum

  • Calendar November 30th, 2019
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken directly from the Global Landscapes Forum.

At GLF Luxembourg 2019, make waves on mainstreaming sustainable finance.

In its fourth year as the world’s most innovative forum on sustainable land-use finance, the GLF Investment Case Symposium will bring the brightest minds together to move this form of finance from niche to mainstream.

The conference will specifically focus on practical business cases in the land use domain that work, but which need to be upscaled for more widespread positive impact. It also allows participants to interact with speakers and other delegates in a variety of ways, including by attending a mock Dragons’ Den, meeting other participants in smaller settings through a pop-up World Café or learning about new and emerging funds that are incubated by Luxembourg’s International Climate Finance Accelerator. This knowledge can be used to foster more meaningful and effective investments, avoid and overcome potential risk, and advance global goals toward sustainable financial activities.

The Forum is co-organized by Luxembourg for Finance and hosted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance and Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. Prior Investment Case Symposiums were hosted at the IFC World Bank in 2018 and at the London Royal Society in 2016 and 2015.

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