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Going beyond individual company action for systems decarbonization

  • Calendar June 29th, 2020
  • Time 10:00

This text is taken from WBCSD.

“To decarbonize a whole system, companies need to look beyond their own direct and indirect impact and target setting and collaborate with their clients, suppliers and investors and leverage their influencing position to trigger systemic change and overcome external barriers to accelerating efforts towards net-zero emissions. The scope 3 emissions of one company are the scope 1 and 2 emissions of another company. As an illustration of the WBCSD SOS1.5 strategy, the session will take the example of the built environment where, to achieve the real systemic change, we need to go leverage the influence companies have over other parts of the system. For example, a property developper has a key influence on the operational performance as well as the choice of materials for a building, which are the key drivers of carbon emissions. The session will explain the joint responsibilities and possible actions through a dialogue with a material provider, a construction firm and a real estate / investment firm, and it will then open the discussion on the relevance of the systems approach for other systems as well.”

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