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IFAC EdExchange Summit Leading Sustainability

  • Calendar October 12th, 2021
  • Time 08:00
  • Location Online

IFAC is dedicating our second annual virtual summit to sustainability and helping professional accountants do different things with the skills and competencies they already have in their toolbox.

Our three-day summit in October will focus on the demand for organizations to act and the needs and perspectives of investors, regulators and public interest entities. It features speakers with global expertise in sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), integrated and sustainability reporting, sustainability-related investor needs, and more. It will help professional accountants, and the professional accountancy organizations that support them, understand—and take action to meet—growing demands for sustainability services from the public and private sector.

A growing, global demand for sustainability—in society, in public and private organizations, and on our planet—has fueled demand for enhancing corporate reporting. For investors and sustainability-minded stakeholders to assess a company’s future performance, they need a clear and comprehensive picture of the ability to create sustainability value over time. Professional accountants and the accountancy profession need to play key roles—we are the right people to serve the public interest in the development and execution of sustainability related processes and reporting. We have the necessary skills and competencies.

The Capitals Coalition will be running a session alongside Forico on Tuesday 12th October. Mark Gough will available for a Q&A from 15.00. 

We will also be running a virtual booth across all three days of the conference. Find out more here 

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