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MENA 2018 ESP Regional Conference

  • Calendar April 22nd, 2018
  • Time 08:00

This text was taken from the Ecosystem Services Partnership

“The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is proud to announce its first regional conference in the MENA region. We invite everyone with an interest in the region and ecosystem services to take part in this event.

The theme will beEnhancing ecosystem services through ecological restoration for nature and people’.

Rapid land degradation, unsustainable land use and weak land use planning (including weak rangeland management) desertification, increasing draught and decreasing vegetation cover, as well as severe climate change vulnerability, might be the crucial, dominant issues that most MENA countries have in common. Understanding that ecosystem services are not lost forever once an area and/or landscape element are degraded heavily, but that restoration measures and rehabilitation programmes can also successfully revive ecosystem services is crucial.

Throughout the conference the abovementioned will be the focal point. You are invited to join in the discussion by organising a session, present your abstract, or just as a participant to listen, learn and expand your network.”

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