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Midway Learnings from TEEBAgriFood for Business

  • Calendar June 22nd, 2021
  • Time 11:00
  • Location Online

To mark the midway point of the TEEBAgriFood for Business project, we are organizing a webinar to share, exchange and build on the progress so far. The webinar will take place on the 22nd of June 2021 from 13:00 to 14:30 CET.  

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TEEBAgriFood for Business aims to enable the food sector to adopt a capitals approach to build resilience, mainstream best practices, protect biodiversity and contribute to a more sustainable food system. It is a partnership between the EU, UNEP, TEEB and Capital Coalition along with local partners, businesses, and stakeholders.

Through webinars, roundtables and training programs across the world, this project has evolved greatly since its inception in January 2020. Central to the effort has been the development of the Draft TEEBAgriFood Operational Guidelines for Business, which are being piloted by agri-food businesses in Brazil and Mexico. In the second quarter of this year, new applications will also start in China, India and Indonesia, with Malaysia and Thailand following next year.

This webinar is an opportunity to learn about the Guidelines and real applications by businesses to transform decision-making. This will be a highly participative event, with the option to suggest ideas for improvement and to feed discussions on how natural, human, social and produced capitals application could be scaled up in the private sector. 


13:00 Welcoming and event aim

13:15 Presentation of the Guidelines with open feedback sessions, Q&A

13:40 Case studies presentation by frontrunner businesses, Q&A
Pedro Martins – Liv Up
Federico Bidegaray, Sofia Guigou – Agronegocio del Plata,

14:02 Reflection from academic
Ana Turreta – Embrapa and Nuu Pão de Queijo case

14:05 Interactive activity

14:10 Plenary discussions on how to scale up the approach

14:25 Next steps

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