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Natural Capital and Industry in 2019

  • Calendar June 27th, 2019
  • Time 08:30

This text was taken from the Whitehall and Industry Group

‘The concept of natural capital in the business community has been gaining momentum for a number of years, with a large push from government. Yet in many areas of industry, it remains on the peripheries of thinking. In this panel session we will:

  • Discuss the government, not-for–profit and industry ambitions for natural capital in 2019 and beyond
  • Learn more about on what valuation of natural capital means in a real world scenario with case studies from across industry
  • Understand what industry sees as the benefits of investing in natural capital, where industry is currently investing and why it is investing in these areas
  • Discover how you can incorporate natural capital understanding into business decisions
  • Find out where the investment is coming from to make natural capital projects a reality


The session will take place in a morning in central London. It will convene a cross-sector audience of the major British industries and governmental departments, representative of the WIG membership and beyond. The morning will be split between the government and not for profit perspective, and that of industry. It is a free to attend event.

Panel 1- Government and not-for-profit perspective (09:00-10:30)

Chair: Mark Gough, Executive Director, Natural Capital Coalition

Alan Law, Deputy CEO, Natural England
Alastair Johnson, Senior Economic Adviser, Environment Analysis Unit, Defra
Paul Leinster, Member, Natural Capital Committee and Professor of Environmental Assessment, Centre for Environment and Agricultural Informatics, Cranfield University

Panel 2- Industry perspective (10:45-12:15)

Chair: Mark Gough, Executive Director, Natural Capital Coalition

Alex Plant, Director of Strategy & Regulation, Anglian Water
Joanne Holden, Sustainability Manager, Peel Land

Further Guests tbc’

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