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Natural Capital Forum

  • Calendar June 6th, 2018
  • Time 10:30

This text is taken from the Natural Capital Coalition

“The Natural Capital Coalition, alongside WWF-India, CII, GIST, YESBank and other partners, is hosting a workshop around natural capital application in New Delhi.

Join us to :

• Explore the ways in which your organization relates to, and is dependent upon, natural capital.

• Hear from leading businesses and organizations applying natural capital thinking, in particular their perspectives of how this is being utilised to improve decision making.

• Become part of the conversation as we discuss amongst a range of stakeholders what is still needed to progress the natural capital agenda in India and internationally.

The event will also discuss how we can best share learnings and insights, encourage application, and make natural capital concepts more relevant in a local context. Can we bring this together in one place?

The Agenda Will Include:

• Natural capital application – an interactive session with those who have done it

• An explanation and exploration of the benefits and challenges of natural capital thinking

• How we need a systems approach including all stakeholders to create the enabling environment for better decision making”

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