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Natural Capital in England – Protection and Enhancement, Effective Utilisation and Assessing Value, and Next Steps for Policy

  • Calendar April 2nd, 2020
  • Time 09:30

Tis text is taken from Westminster Forum Projects.

“This conference will discuss the next steps for natural capital in England, including assessing the value of public goods.

It is timed to consider the full Environment Bill currently being introduced to parliament – with a focus on its proposals for:

  • improving air and water quality; and
  • restoring and enhancing nature and green spaces.

For delegates, it will also be an opportunity to discuss the Agriculture Bill – which recently passed its second reading in the House of Commons – and the implications for natural capital within the farming community.

The agenda:

  • The current state of UK natural capital and priorities for the future;
  • Next steps for the protection of natural capital – developing new data-based frameworks, prioritising environmental net gain, and the role of businesses;
  • Examining the practical use of natural capital approaches;
  • Effective utilisation of ecosystem services – assessing societal benefit and economic value, the role of stakeholders, and the future development of environmental regulation;
  • Financing the Nature Recovery Networks;
  • Policy priorities for implementing the Environment Bill and protecting Natural Capital; and
  • Case studies on:
    • Natural capital, local delivery, and lessons learned from the Landscape Pioneer; and
    • Developing a payment system for protecting and improving the natural environment.”

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